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A Two Day Weekend Workshop in Brighton

This two-day weekend workshop is an introduction to Analytical Hypnotherapeutic Theory, and practical application of easy to use techniques that can assist in relaxation or focus and exploring how Hypnotherapy can be used in different ways to help resolve presenting symptoms that cause us disharmony.

The course Tutor will endeavour to create a ‘safe space’ in which individuals will be encouraged (within your comfortability) to participate and practice Hypnotherapy techniques learnt during the workshop, for the benefit of their own development and others in the group.

The workshop is set in a relaxed and supportive environment, in a converted period building in Hove, Brighton; with an experienced Hypnotherapy Practitioner and qualified Hypnotherapy Practitioner Trainer.

Groups are kept small in numbers, usually 6-8, to ensure each attendee gets the required value from the experience.

Tea and lunch breaks are scheduled in on both days, with course materials provided.


Course Content

  • An Introduction to Hypnotherapy

  • A Brief History of Hypnotherapy

  • What is Hypnotherapy and How Can It Help?

  • An Introduction to Self-Hypnosis

  • What is Self-Hypnosis and How Can it Help?

  • Working with Hypnotic Inductions and Deepeners

  • Working with Guided Visualisations and Relaxations

  • Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy in Practice

  • Using Suggestive Techniques to Promote Well Being


Who is This Workshop For?

This course is suitable for individuals looking to explore Hypnotherapy and Self-Awareness, using Hypnotherapy as a relaxation technique and focus; for both professional and personal development. Individuals looking to embark on personal Hypnotherapy, or to attend our Level 2 workshop ‘Hypnotherapy & Anxiety’, or Level 3 course ‘Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma’, may find this workshop particularly beneficial.

Suitable for ages 18 and over.