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Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Some people may find hanging your certificates & achievements on the wall of your office somewhat ostentatious, but I don't and here's why......

I recently displayed all of the certificates I have gained throughout my years of training and practising as an Analytical Hypnotherapist in my work space at home. A few times it was joked by my peers "you do like a certificate", as I now have every one that you could have gained from the Jacquelyne Morison Hypnotherapy Training school (JMHT), although in fact to date they had all been kept in storage due to house moves. I recently made a new office area in my home and decided to un-box my certificates, some of them were in need of care so I ordered some new frames and displayed them where I do much of my writing (my partner has her own 'showcase space' encase you're wondering!)

I guess until recently, like many people do, I had forgotten the certificates true value...

I guess until recently, like many people do, I had forgotten the certificates true value, and that is that it was the journey; the obstacles, the personal growth, the learning, the people I shared that experience with, and most importantly the benefit I feel in my life as a result of gaining that certificate; so they aren’t just an academic certificate to me, they represent so much more, and now as they sit on my wall like a masterpiece or family portrait we may love, it takes me into a place of inspiration, the story behind them also anchors who I am, so brings back my focus to now which always helps to remove any distraction in whatever form that exists.

As I prepare to stand in front of a new group of trainees as the tutor on the Hypnotherapy Practitioners course, my certificates serve as a great reminder of the experience I have as a Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Teacher, I bring all of this life experience and learning into the classroom. It is therefore so important to encourage each of those who sit before me to remind them of all of their life experiences, regardless of what they are, as these will all be valuable to themselves, and the others in the group to learn and develop from. At JMHT and BDhypnotherapy we encourage, support and nurture each individual to be true to themselves, and develop to become a unique Practitioner in their own right; part of this process is to learn about each of you who attends the course, to support in the best way to allow you the opportunity to prosper from the learning environment - something I have always been grateful for from my early days as an anxious newcomer, who initially, in true impostor syndrome style, was considering "am I going to be able to do this?".

In using your individual experiences you gain confidence in knowing that you already have the skills and together with myself as the tutor we bring those pieces of the puzzle together, and you learn how to apply your skills & theory to the practice of being a Hypnotherapist; this is similar to a client who seeks therapy, for example someone who has been experiencing a symptom such as anxiety for a long period of time may not be able to recall a time they lived without anxiety, so on a first session it is likely the client will once relaxed go back to a time in their life when they felt at peace, calm, confident, free from Anxiety they will then find a method of anchoring this and accepting this is who they are, not the anxious person who walked in the room. As a human being we naturally fear change so we ‘resist’ it which is a survival instinct, we attempt to remain in our homeostasis, as when this is challenged we notice physical reactions; however, when we establish how we really feel underneath our symptoms, where we separate ourselves from challenging current life or previous experiences that cause us unwanted symptoms, then we can have more assurance that we aren’t necessarily changing, we are being more like ourselves. Once we become more at balance and are being more like ourselves, we can take this for granted very quickly and its easy to forget the journey, as it wasn’t as frightening as it seemed after all.

Ostentatious? NO! Reflective YES! It is so important to take time to reflect and find a way to bring our focus to where we have come from, but also those times we can really take positives from so we can bring them into the here and now creating learning and growth; looking at a photograph or picture, a certificate, practising yoga, going for a walk in a natural surrounding, reading an assignment you wrote on an old course, to be in the moment and really engaging helps us hit the reset button, to move forward, knowing we already have the experience to face what we may fear now or see as a major obstacle.

You may need to reach out for help, support, work on self healing or education to overcome the reasons we can’t stay in the moment of being yourself, this is no different than if you are doing sports and have a physical injury where you need to find a specialist who will assist in your recovery.

Hypnotherapy may assist you on your journey as a client or by becoming a Hypnotherapist; contact me now: 07710 030002

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