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Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma 2022


£3800.00 in total, a deposit of £470.00 plus 12 x £227.50 monthly instalments.


The course takes place 10 weekends over 1 academic year.

About the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Course:

The Hypnotherapy Practitioner course will equip the successful graduate to practice as a fully-qualified practitioner of psychodynamic hypnotherapy as a psychotherapeutic and stress-trauma resolution discipline.

The Hypnotherapy Practitioner course has been designed for those who wish to become thoroughly familiar with hypnotherapeutic techniques and to acquire the fundamental skills and knowledge in order to help clients with stressful-traumatic manifestations and psychological ailments. This inspiring course will also be invaluable for enhancing your own self-understanding and personal insight.

Course Structure:

10 weekends over 1 academic year

All participants will also be required to undergo personal analytical hypnotherapy prior to or during the course before a Practising Certificate can be issued.

The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course will include homework assignments after each module of the course which includes the reading of Creative Analytical Hypnotherapy, Analytical Hypnotherapy Volume 1: Theoretical Principles and Analytical Hypnotherapy Volume 2: Practical Applications all of which were written by Jacquelyne Morison.

Course Qualification:

On successfully completing our Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma course, students are awarded with a Practising Certificate; A Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (designatory initials DAHP).

Our diploma is assessed and validated by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC) and endorsed by the Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH) as a level 5 diploma course, by the UK Hypnotherapy Council (UKHC) and the Professional Hypnotherapy Network (PHN).

Course Synopsis:

  • Understanding therapeutic hypnosis

  • Hypnotherapeutic methodology

  • Understanding psychological distress

  • Treatment regimes & strategies

  • Psychodynamic & humanistic methodology

  • Working with the unconscious mind

  • Practice management & business promotion

Download The Full Course Prospectus Below:

Download PDF • 7.44MB

Course Dates - 2022:

  • September, 2022 Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th

  • October, 2022 Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd

  • November,2022 Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th

  • December, 2022 Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th

  • January, 2023 Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th

  • February, 2023 Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th

  • March, 2023 Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th

  • April, 2023 Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd

  • May, 2023 Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th

  • June, 2023 Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th

Course Location

Our courses are held face to face in Brighton, East Sussex or Zoom Video from your home.

All of our Hypnotherapy courses are limited to a small amount of participants in order to create a safe and personal space, and so that the tutor can ensure each student is truly held and supported on their learning journey.

Our Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma Course is taught in a non classroom setting, in a Victorian building in the heart of Brighton near to shops, restaurants, and ten minutes to the beach, and, or, via Zoom video, for students who do not wish to travel to Brighton (or a combination of both). ​ Brighton is an English seaside resort town, about an hour south of London by train, it's a popular day-trip destination. Its broad shingle beach is backed by modern eateries, quirky shops and Regency-era buildings. Brighton Pier, in the central waterfront section, opened in 1899 and now has rides and food kiosks. The town is also known for its nightlife, arts scene, eclectic vibe and festivals.​

Course Fee

Our course fee is a total of £3800.00 for the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course & Accreditation Certificates (reading materials and personal therapy is not included).

Once you have been accepted on the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course you will be required to pay an initial deposit of £470 in order to secure your place and the remainder of the fee will then be due prior to the start of your course. Please refer to your prospective tutor in order to verify this position. Some tutors also offer instalment payments with interest in exceptional circumstances which you can also discuss with your preferred tutor.

Cancellations for the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course can be made up to 21 days in advance of the starting date although an administrative charge of £250.00 will be levied. Any cancellation made with less than 21 days’ notice will mean your initial deposit will be forfeited in full.

Your therapy sessions will be an additional charge and normally you would be expected to undertake 10 to 12 sessions in order to qualify but your tutor will advise you on this point.

Please feel free to call or email the course tutor at any time to discuss this course!

Your Instructor

Bradley Dearman

Bradley Dearman is a qualified and experienced Hypnotherapist and also holds Diplomas in Teaching & Supervision of Hypnotherapy studies.

Bradley Dearman
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