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Bradley Dearman Hypnotherapy Training

Accredited & Certified Professional Hypnotherapy Training Provider in Brighton & Online

We provide a Certificated Accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training Diploma and online CPD based largely on Psychodynamic-Humanistic principles, for both prospective Hypnotherapy practitioners, or those individuals looking to explore Hypnotherapy for personal self development.

Courses are either therapy room based in Brighton, or Sussex, via Zoom video, distance learning, or a combination of all.

The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Course

The Hypnotherapy Practitioner course is designed for the prospective clinical professional who aspires to practice as a fully-qualified practitioner of psychodynamic and humanistic hypnotherapy as a psychotherapeutic and stress-trauma resolution discipline.

The Advanced Clinical & Analytical Studies Course

The Advanced Clinical & Analytical Studies course is designed for the qualified clinical professional who aspires to practice with an impressive breath of practice skills and techniques by undertaking a specific number of continuing professional development courses.

All of our courses are taught under the umbrella of Jacquelyne Morison Hypnotherapy Training:

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The Training Location

Brighton or Zoom Video from your home

Our Hypnotherapy Practitioners Diploma Course is taught in a non classroom setting, in a Victorian building in the heart of Brighton (subject to government Covid 19​ regulations), near to shops, restaurants, and ten minutes to the beach, and, or, via Zoom video, for students who do not wish to travel to Brighton. 

Brighton is an English seaside resort town, about an hour south of London by train, it's a popular day-trip destination. Its broad shingle beach is backed by modern eateries, quirky shops and Regency-era buildings. Brighton Pier, in the central waterfront section, opened in 1899 and now has rides and food kiosks. The town is also known for its nightlife, arts scene, eclectic vibe and festivals.​

A Bit About Analytical Hypnotherapy

Guiding You On the Path of Self-Healing

Sigmund Freud Portrait from Austria 50 S

Hypnotherapy was undoubtedly around in ancient times but has only in the last century been recognised fully as a therapeutic tool. The seeds of today’s Analytical Hypnotherapy were sewn in the days of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and Carl Jung (1875-1961) at the beginning of the twentieth century when Freud introduced his concepts of imaginative age-regression and free association of ideas, which shunned the populist suggestive therapy trend then in vogue, to the medical fraternity.


The humanists Carl Rogers (1902-1987) and Abraham Maslow (1809-1970) who laid the foundations for important counselling principles also added greatly to the analytical equation.


By the mid-twentieth century hypnotherapists, such as Neil French, Gil Boyne and Edgar Barnett, promoted the idea of Hypnoanalysis and age-regression as important components in an insight-oriented approach to therapeutic intervention with the aid of hypnosis. This work set the tone for the future when their students spawned Hypnotherapy schools of their own. Joe Keaney in the Republic of Ireland and Georges Philips in London, for instance, promoted the notion of Analytical Hypnotherapy.


Absolutely amazing course!

This course has been very well written and is certainly perfect for anyone considering this type of career path. Jacquelyne's books are superbly written and an absolutely brilliant read which compliment the course perfectly. The beauty of this course is it not only teaches you everything you need to know but embraces who you are and who you wish to be as a therapist. Bradley is an absolutely outstanding teacher, he really has so much to offer with his wealth of knowledge and experience. He has a true gift for teaching and I consider myself very fortunate to have had his guidance along the way.

This was my first step on my hypnotherapy journey and I can safely say it prepares you perfectly to practice; the day I qualified was the day I was ready to start my business.

Roseanne Rainbow - rosennehypnotherapy.com

Just to say a huge thanks for all your help and support towards getting my son back on his feet.

Ongoing anxiety issues combined with the loss of his Mum to cancer last year put him in a dark, difficult and frightened place. You helped him to move forward from being isolated and insular, his safety zone is growing all the time and he has not had any chest pains nor any panic attacks for over two months. He is starting to integrate more socially, to be able to start to re-interact with his friends, to travel and you’ve really helped him back on his journey towards where he used to be.

Your calm, patient, reassuring and supportive manner, along with encouragement and positivity has made such a difference to not only my son, but also the immediate family, all who are very involved with ….. and are feeling so much more positive about his immediate and longer term future.

A huge and thoroughly deserved thanks from all of us.

The Parent of a Hypnotherapy Client

I highly recommend studying hypnotherapy with Bradley. He takes you on a journey that enables you to start your own practice with confidence and competence, covering all aspects from the deeply cerebral to the highly practical. The course offers an understanding of hypnotherapy from all angles – learning about its history and application, as well as experiencing it both as a client and a practitioner, with a strong focus on learning by doing.

Throughout, you are supported to work through your own difficulties and connect with your true self, just as any therapist should do before working with others. Bradley is a wonderful guide - knowledgeable, experienced, supportive, warm, humoured and very giving with his time, whilst celebrating your development throughout.

Thank you!

It took about 3 appointments to finally have the courage to walk into his office. He was professional, warm, engaging.  I never felt uneasy and he was very gentle in helping me get to talk about my demon which was abuse. Once I could think about it properly and I mean really think about it. Go through it frame by frame i felt bigger than it. For the 1st time i was looking in at the younger me and none of it was my fault. A good few months on i can talk about it to a few good friends who never knew and tell them without getting teary, without that burning feeling at the back of my throat. I have the tools of my safe, happy place thanks to Bradley to go to when I feel it getting to me more than it should.

Thank you Bradley for helping me.

Thank you!

Adult Therapy Client

Can highly recommend this course.

In a sea of sponsored courses bombarding you on social media this course is a real jewel in the sand. It is a life changing opportunity and I would recommend it even if you don’t want to be a hypnotherapist.

Bradley is supportive, insightful and a breath of fresh air. He guides you through the journey like a friendly modern guru.

The monthly payment options make it accessible too.

Hypnotherapy Student

Are You Suffering with Stress or Anxiety?

Hypnotherapy Helps You Move towards A New Calm You

Bradley Dearman Hypnotherapy
Bradley Dearman Hypnotherapy

Are You Struggling With Depression?

Hypnotherapy Can Help You To Break Free & Regain Control

Are You Looking For Help With A Relationship?

Hypnotherapy Can Help You Explore Root Causes & Resolve Issues

Bradley Dearman Hypnotherapy
Bradley Dearman Hypnotherapy

Are You Battling With Addiction, Negative Habits or Toxic Behaviour?

Hypnotherapy Creates Change & Balance

Are You Suffering With Fears or Phobia's?

Hypnotherapy Can Change Your Association With Fear

Bradley Dearman Hypnotherapy