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Suffering with Stress or Anxiety?

Hypnotherapy Helps You Move towards A New Calm You

When you’re ready for change, one to one Hypnotherapy sessions can be delivered effectively online from the comfort of your home or office anywhere in the world. You don’t need to be restricted by travel or location to access support when you need it. 

As an experienced, qualified and registered Analytical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist, I’m used to working with clients online and face to face in my private practice in Hove. Due to the COVID-19 our Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma Course is being taught online this year and is proving to be a real success, the benefits are you get to join me from the comfort of your own home rather than take the journey to Brighton.


I practice 'Analytical Hypnotherapy' or Hypno-Analysis which is a Psychotherapeutic and stress-trauma resolution therapeutic approach – based largely on Psychodynamic and Humanistic methodology, it focuses on dealing with the underlying originating cause of my client’s distress by providing a deeply investigative therapeutic environment. This practice means not merely treating the client’s symptoms superficially or providing a method of coping with life’s problems but actually handling cases of intense psychological malaise by resolving dilemmas naturally and effortlessly at the root of the problem.

Bradley Dearman Hypnotherapy


Hypnotherapy was undoubtedly around in ancient times but has only in the last century been recognised fully as a therapeutic tool. The seeds of today’s Analytical Hypnotherapy were sewn in the days of Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) and Carl Jung (1875-1961) at the beginning of the twentieth century when Freud introduced his concepts of imaginative age-regression and free association of ideas, which shunned the populist suggestive therapy trend then in vogue, to the medical fraternity.


The humanists Carl Rogers (1902-1987) and Abraham Maslow (1809-1970) who laid the foundations for important counselling principles also added greatly to the analytical equation.


By the mid-twentieth century hypnotherapists, such as Neil French, Gil Boyne and Edgar Barnett, promoted the idea of Hypnoanalysis and age-regression as important components in an insight-oriented approach to therapeutic intervention with the aid of hypnosis. This work set the tone for the future when their students spawned Hypnotherapy schools of their own. Joe Keaney in the Republic of Ireland and Georges Philips in London, for instance, promoted the notion of Analytical Hypnotherapy.

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