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Brighton, Shoreham by Sea, Worthing & Worldwide Online

Gain a Practising Certificate on our Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Course:


"Be a Powerful Agent for Change"



Bradley Dearman Hypnotherapy & Training

If you're looking for a rewarding career change & becoming a Hypnotherapy practitioner, or self improvement with Hypnotherapy courses or sessions, we can help!


Bradley Dearman Hypnotherapy offers customized Hypnotherapy sessions, Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training, & Hypnotherapy CPD Courses in Hove, Shoreham By Sea, Burgess Hill, Worthing & Worldwide Online, to provide you with all the tools you need to transform your life.


Bradley implements effective Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis and Psychotherapy methods to instil self-understanding amongst his clients, & students, helping them to resolve psychological or physical symptoms and encourage them to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards life situations.

Bradley is a qualified, experienced Hypnotherapy practitioner & tutor, a registered member of the UKHC (The UK Hypnotherapy Council) and GHSC (The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council) and adheres to their strict code of conduct and professional ethics, which includes undergoing regular supervision, and by whom his standards of clinical practice are regularly - closely monitored.


Bradley holds full Hypnotherapist insurance and complies with GDPR standards, as per the Data Protection Act 2018.


Drawing from Psychotherapy theory and Hypnosis, Bradley's Hypnotherapy sessions will guide you through life’s most complex and difficult matters.


"I truly care about my clients and students wellbeing, and nurture the therapeutic working relationships that help to support each individuals personal growth"

Bradley Dearman 


We provide a Certificated, Accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training Diploma, and Hypnotherapy CPD based largely on Psychodynamic-Humanistic principles, for both prospective Hypnotherapy practitioners, or those individuals looking to explore Hypnotherapy for personal self development.

Courses are either therapy room based in Brighton, East Sussex, via Zoom video, distance learning, or a combination of all.

Our Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training Course is provided under the umbrella of Jacquelyne Morison Hypnotherapy Training.

Bradley Dearman Hypnotherapy

What is Hypno-psychotherapy

& how does Hypnotherapy work?

Hypnotherapy is often used on its own, as a simple relaxation therapy, or it may be integrated with other forms of psychological treatment. This integrative approach is known as Hypno-Psychotherapy.

This integrative approach uses both hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to help with deeper problems that may not be addressed with hypnotherapy alone (such as trauma or abuse). When a professional is a hypno-psychotherapist, it means they have undertaken training in psychotherapy theory and practice, as well as hypnotherapy. This allows the professional to provide a supportive and empathetic relationship with the client.

There are a variety of applications within hypno-psychotherapy and the strategies used will differ, depending on the professional and the client’s circumstance.

Hypno-psychotherapy supports therapeutic structures as the principal medium for positive change. While a flexible approach is vital, there must be equality in the working relationship between therapist and client. The client needs to feel comfortable and in a safe, supportive environment, in order to explore and clarify the reasons they are in session.

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What Does Hypno-psychotherapy Treat?

Personalised Attention for All Your Needs

Primarily, hypno-psychotherapy is a treatment method for psychological problems that can’t be helped with hypnotherapy alone. As well as helping with a range of psychological concerns, hypno-psychotherapy can also help to manage unwanted habits, such as smoking. It can also help with social difficulties, including low confidence, panic attacks and phobias.

According to the National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (NCHP), this integrative approach is also used to enhance sports performance and improve concentration. Stress-related physical problems, including migraine and IBS, are also thought to respond well to hypno-psychotherapy treatment.

Bradley Dearman Hypnotherapy

About Hypnosis

Learn About My Methods

What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis is the act of guiding someone into the trance like state. Different experts define this trance state differently, but they almost always refer to: 'a deep state of relaxation, hyper-focus and concentration, and increased suggestibility'; if that sounds common place, it’s because it is. Most of us go in and out of the trance state regularly. If you’ve ever zoned out on your daily commute, fell into a reverie while listening to music, or found yourself immersed in the world of a book or movie, you’ve been in the trance state.

In a Hypnotherapy session, clients are conscious; they are awake, participating, and remembering, Hypnosis is known for harnessing 'the power of suggestion', but it’s hardly the only time our minds are susceptible to suggestion. For example, advertising, music, movies, and books routinely plant suggestions into our subconscious, as do language and communication. Even participants in stage Hypnotism shows operate under the control of their own minds, as it is impossible for someone not to be conscious while in Hypnosis.

I use Hypno-psychotherapy methods with the use of Hypnosis to change your behaviour, attitudes and emotions. It can be used to help manage pain, anxiety and stress-related health concerns, as well as helping overcome unwanted habits and improving confidence; my methodology also deals with more deep-seated problems, like those addressed by other branches of psychotherapy.


Bradley Dearman Hypnotherapy

Just to say a huge thanks for all your help and support towards getting my son back on his feet. Ongoing anxiety issues combined with the loss of his Mum to cancer last year put him in a dark, difficult and frightened place.

You helped him to move forward from being isolated and insular, his safety zone is growing all the time and he has not had any chest pains nor any panic attacks for over two months. He is starting to integrate more socially, to be able to start to re-interact with his friends, to travel and you’ve really helped him back on his journey towards where he used to be. Your calm, patient, reassuring and supportive manner, along with encouragement and positivity has made such a difference to not only my son, but also the immediate family, all who are very involved with ….. and are feeling so much more positive about his immediate and longer term future.

The Parent of a Hypnotherapy Client

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